Build your Hoard!

Own HOARD = Get NFTs.  FREE.  Automatic.

HOARD is an NFT delivery system token that sends rare NFTs to every HOARD holder.

This creates a valuable collection for HOARD holders and great exposure for artists.
  • Metaverse Properties

  • Game Loot

  • Artwork

  • New Projects

Why collect HOARD?


  • Own HOARD = Get NFTs. Passive growth of your NFT collection through frequent Airdrops of rare NFTs.  By holding HOARD, you will automatically receive exclusive NFTs.

  • Support rising artists and developers around the globe.

  • Discover and own new metaverse properties, game resources, and innovations.

  • Hoard holders will also receive equal tokens in the upcoming 2022 HOARD-SOL project.


FREE rare NFTs


  • Passively grow your NFT collection just by holding HOARD.

  • Frequent Free Airdrops of scarce NFTs delivered to each HOARD wallet.

  • These NFTs are original artworks, metaverse properties, game resources, and more.

Who will be the next great NFT artist?

What will be the next amazing Metaverse world or Game?


support creators and developers


Your purchase of HOARD tokens will help support artists and developers around the world. 


We are seeking out rising artists and developers who have great ideas to provide rarities for Airdrops.



Can i sell nfts that have been delivered to my wallet?


Yes, Hoard NFTs can be sold on any market using the Binance Smart Chain.  BEP-20 NFTs are experiencing an explosion in growth.


How do I get my NFTs?


They will be delivered to your wallet automatically.  You will need to use a wallet that supports bep-20 tokens.


Are the NFTs valuable?


Every Hoard NFT is scarce and of high quality.  Each edition is limited to a maximum of 500, often less.  (Unlike other NFTs which can have tens of thousands.)  The market determines the value, but with quality projects and a bit of marketing, Hoard NFTs can be highly sought after.


Few assets are as coveted as NFTs. The Non-Fungible Token phenomenon has swept across the globe, attracting retail investors, fans of collectibles, and trend followers.

How do I buy HOARD tokens?


You need a wallet that supports bep-20 tokens, such as MetaMask or TrustWallet.  After buying BNB coins, you can exchange them for HOARD tokens on Pancakeswap after the Presale.



With a wealth of experience in software development, business management, and fine arts investment, the team is well prepared to take the Hoard Army to greatness. 


Expertise in software development and cryptocurrency contracts.  Currently building a coding team for upcoming Hoard Army auction and games. Solidity and Javascript programmers apply now!



Decades of experience on global expeditions hunting fine arts and rare treasures.  Currently evaluating rarities for the Hoard Vault.  Ever watchful for rising talent.




Master of business growth and sales.  Has had major successes in multiple ventures.  His networks bring prosperity and action to every project.




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HOARD is a BSC token 

-Faster than Ethereum

-Cheaper than Ethereum